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The Revolving Disc Cooler RDC:

A perfect cross flow heat exchanger with 100% transport efficiency. No reciprocating movements and related wear any longer. We introduce a simple but innovative clinker cooler with unbeatable logic. CemProTec makes the clinker cooler go round. Please follow us.

Reciprocating clinker cooler:

Clinker cooler and cooler modifications with:

  • CemProTec Pendulum Grate Cooler
  • Pendulum suspension ICP
  • Smart Blade grate system
  • Clinker Distribution System CDS
  • Roller Crusher
  • Grate drives
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The Smart Glider (New Cooler) & Upgrade of walking-floor coolers:

CemProTec developed upgrades for walking-floor coolers to increase efficiency, save electrical power and improve lane seal.

Replacement of IKN grate plates / Upgradings:

Increase cooler efficiency and reduce spare part cost by simple replcacement during regular maintenance. Successful replacements confirm substantial improvements.


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