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About CemProTec

Our team has large experience in clinker cooling and is motivated to provide the products and services you desire. CemProTec provides engineering and supply "Made in Germany". We offer tailor-made solutions for new clinker coolers and cooler modifications.

Even today, the cooler is still the heart of a kiln line and has to handle whatever is discharged by the kiln. The various developments of the clinker cooler in the last couple of decades are remarkable. Never before, the cooler was so much in focus. After some attempts with counter flow heat exchangers such as rotary and satellite coolers the cross flow heat exchanger is dominating the market. Even the very recent cooler developments are still reciprocating grate coolers. Some suppliers these days put the focus on the transport system, which was never a conceptual problem for a capacity up to 8000 tpd. However, no matter what type of grate cooler, there are unwanted gaps – transverse and/or longitudinal – which have to cope with heat expansion and frictional wear. An aerated grate element can be made harder and has the potential to maintain the hardness, whereas non-aerated elements require compromises.

The total cooler efficiency is the result of thermal and transport efficiency. The thermal efficiency requires a uniform aeration underneath the grate to all grate openings and uniform aeration above the grate surface. Therefore, the grate plate design is still the most important subject. In view of above, the reciprocating grate cooler, no matter what type or whether old or new, requires a high efficient aeration system and sealing against spillage at all temperatures.

We get around most of the above requirements for a reciprocating grate cooler with our Revolving Disc Cooler "RDC". This cooler combines the proven Smart Blade grate surface with a simple but extremely effective transport system. The clinker will be transported on a revolving disc surface without agitating movements but 100% transport efficiency. Therefore, the cross flow heat exchange will not be disturbed and hence provide the highest level of efficiency. Grate wear is no longer an issue since the grate surface is protected by a dead clinker layer on the disc surface at all times. Come around and enjoy the future with us.


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